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Ingrid Kottler

Yoga Teacher

My Yoga

The style of yoga that I am teaching was inspired by the late Vanda Scaravelli. Using gravity and allowing the mind to focus on the breath, the spine is gently released and elongated. The process begins a journey of effortless movements from deeply within the body to the external body and beyond.
This style of yoga has provided the knowledge to open up to the possible benefits of self-healing. I have discovered throughout my career how the body has the ability to heal itself if only we can create the time and space to allow it to happen. This way of working is ideal for people with back, neck or shoulder problems as it is mindful, gentle and slow.
Yoga is a great place to begin the journey in self-discovery.
Do join me at one of my weekly classes in Surrey, UK or ask about personal one on one sessions

Class Timetable

All Classes are held at

WI Hall
4 Burhill Road
Surrey, KT12 4JH

All classes are being held online only

Please contact me for more details
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p: 01932 844356

m: 0755 274 4547